About This Site

Originally, I've started this website as a voluntary project at school for my German A-Levels, which was awarded an A*. Being a voluntary, graded project, this website underwent some kind of quality control as well, because it was assessed both from a biological and from a medical point of view. Unfortunately, I won't be able to guarantee that this website's absolutely free from mistakes (see disclaimer). 

Furthermore, this website is a dynamic project, which I'm planning to improve and keep up-to-date continuously. However, as I actually study medicine myself now (in my 3rd year), I cannot make this website a full-time project. It's basically a more of a hobby. :)

Back when I started this website, it was my goal to break down the complicated technical knowledge, which is required to understand cluster headache, to manageable, easy-to-understand chunks of information so that it can be understood even by people who have absolutely no biological background knowledge. That's a huge challenge. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my Biology teacher Ramona Lau (biologist and biology teacher at Oberstufen Kolleg in Bielefeld, Germany) and my doctor Prof. Dr. Arne May (head of the headache outpatient clinic at Hamburg University Hospital and neuroscientist) for their excellent support, which has enormously contributed to ensuring that this website contains high-quality, well-researched info.

If you have any comments/feedback/criticism, please do not hesitate to contact me at tim [at] cluster-heads.com. I'm looking forward to receiving your feedback and will do my best to implement your ideas.