Cell Biology

If we want to deal with pain and understand why we can actually sense pain, there is one particular type of cell we have to consider: the neuron. However, before we'll able to get ourselves into the joys of looking into how neurons work, it makes sense to get a rough idea of what cells actually are and how they work in general.

Therefore, in the upcoming chapters, we'll first delve into some general cytology and also look into a very specific structure, the plasma membrane in order to get an idea of how membrane transport works. The latter will be very important later, when we're dealing with neurons and how they manage to transmit information. Also, we'll be occupying our minds with a few general facts about metabolism.

You should think of the following pages as some kind of course. Therefore, I'd recommend for you to start with the first article on cytology and then work your way through the subsequent articles. That way, you can make sure that you won't miss out on anything. However, if you already feel confident about these topics then feel free to start wherever you like :).